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Do you feel lucky today 🍀
Then try it out !

Ever felt adventurous enough to buy a product that is a complete mystery? Take a risk, it just may pay off. Maybe you become the new owner of a gold rolex, Iphone or Mac cosmetics box? The mystery is endless.

Some people won iphone for 10$ 😎
Others won Tongs 🤣

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10$ Random products may won nothing


Ask a Question
  • Can I get a refund if i didn\'t get my Product

    No Cases like this happened, but sure yes you will get a full refund if you didn't get your product

  • How Can I contact You ?

    Our Customer service will be happy to help We are available 24/7 You can reach us by 3 methods 1 - contacting us by email : ( Usually takes 24 Hrs to reply ) 2 - Send Us a message through our Contact Page placed in the footer and header of our website 3 - Chatting with us through our own instant chatting system, Click the icon in the bottom right to start ( Urgent Cases )

  • What happens after i purchase ?

    You will get a confirmation email instantly, then within couple of hours you will get an email revealing your random product ( in rare cases revealing's email takes 24 Hrs due to high demand ) Your product will be shipped within 5 processing days and after shipping you will get your tracking code soon it's ready, and that's it :)

  • What Is the Difference between purchasing 10$ and 50$ random product

    Every price has it's own list of products, the higher the price the greater the value of the products also the greater chance of getting high ticket products but still 10$ can get a high ticket products You can check HOW WE WORK page to know more about this

  • What is my chances to get a high ticket products and what is the chances to get nothing ?

    It depend on what price you chose for your random product, the higher the price the greater the chance, but still we have customers got Iphone for 10$, the chances to get nothing is only exist in 10$ price options.
    90% the product you will get will pay off